What We Believe

Anglican Christians believe that Jesus Christ is LORD and that accepting HIM as Savior is the only way to abundant life in the present age to come.

Anglican Christians are Evangelical

We believe that the Bible is the word of GOD and that it has unique authority in our lives. As Biblically-faithful Anglicans, our church teaches the whole Bible and how it applies to our daily lives. We believe that God’s love for the whole world, expressed in Jesus Christ, is Good News that we are called to share with everyone.

Anglican Christians are Catholic

We are a part of a worldwide church that grew out of the English reformation. We are united to each other and to the broader Christian tradition by a shared faith, sacramental worship, and apostolic order.

Anglican Christians are Charismatic

We believe that the Holy Spirit is active in believers, enabling, teaching, and calling us to love our neighbors and change the world.